Our corporate philosophy

Do you remember the fairy tale about the race between hare and hedgehog? Is it not fascinating that the hedgehog finds a solution to win an almost impossible contest?

The tale is an ancient story of winning and losing. The hare, in his own way a distinguished gentleman, and frightfully haughty, treats the hedgehog in a very contemptuous manner because he assumes to be the faster runner. And while the hare runs like a whirlwind down the field, he is met at the finishing line with the cry "I am here already!"

Finally, when running the race for the seventy-fourth time, the hare no longer reaches the finishing line but instead perishes in the middle of the field. The hedgehog calls his helper, takes his winnings, a golden louis-d'or and a bottle of brandy, and goes home in great delight.

The race is not a story of the past. Even today, the careful observer may witness numerous wagers on our race-course. The furrows are jammed with hares stumbling over the fallen, and every now and then we meet a hedgehog with louis-d'or and brandy under his arm.

The hedgehog might owe his success to a good consultant, to the worthy work of members of our profession.

To all the runners in the field that still have the strength left to use their minds we shout "Not everything you do must be right." Let us work together to find better ways to finish the race victorious.

After all, would you like to be the hare or the hedgehog?